Décolletages was founded at the beginning of 1980 by Mr. Mario Roldo as and artisan factory working in the field of precision micromechanics.
Over the years, it has made itself known thanks to a continuous technological update of the machinery and the professional growth of its workers, specializing in the production of complex components in the different branches of precision mechanics.


Rolmec srl was founded in 1996 and by means of its specific departments it produces a variety of high quality items that meet the ever changing market requests.
A 3-storey building of 9000 square meters was built in 1998 where, in addition to the production department, there is a prototype room used to develop new solutions and devise new components for the various branches of mechanics using different materials.
Rolmec srl produces both custom-made items and items on behalf of a third party for the most diverse fields, from automotive to specialized components, from moulding systems to eyewear. The processings respect the precision and reliability standards that are always changing in the field and they satisfy the customized orders of the current customers who have different requests.
In the eyewear field, Rolmec srl works both with the most important brands and with small-medium factories that occupy different stages of the production chain.
In the other fields, the number of customers is growing thanks to the introduction of new technologies and the internal construction of more efficient machinery that allow to reduce the production time and guarantee high quality standards.
As far as design is concerned, the customers build an ever closer relationship with the company becoming an active part of the design process.
At present, the group has 80 experienced workers that provide high quality products and services that are distributed in the most industrialized countries of Europe and the world.
All this has been possible on account of a growing and loyal clientele that Décolletages and Rolmec srl want to thank.